Iran’s success in space technology over past 10 years adorable

Tehran, February 3, IRNA - Aerospace affairs expert Abbas Kharabaf has called Iran's success in space technology impressive in the past 10 years.

“During this time, we were able to move from research and teaching samples to Practical and operational specimens and for the first time with the relatively successful launch of the Payam (message) satellite by Simorq satellite carrier reached to a 500-kilometer-long orbit.

Regarding the recognition of the Iranian society of space technology, the researcher reminded, “Iran's history shows that the people of this land had a great interest in space and astronomy from the last historical periods, and for this reason the greatest scholars in the field of astronomy were from Iran and Islam, and this interest is still among the people.”

Iran is one of the countries where contents and articles on space and astronomy technology are produced in different press and media, such as television, but because of the weakness of management and the promotion of space technology, leading these capacities would face significant weakness.


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