Feb 3, 2019, 4:33 PM
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Iran's freed anchor: US acts contradict own policies

Tehran, Feb 3, IRNA - Press TV anchor Marzieh Hashemi who was detained in the United States under baseless accusations slammed the inherent contradiction in the US policies and its mistreatment of its journalists.

Hashemi, a 59-year-old US-born Muslim convert who has lived in Iran for years, was detained at St. Louis Lambert International Airport in Missouri on January 13 while in the US to visit her sick brother and other family members.

Speaking to the Islamic Republic News Agency (IRNA), Hashemi said 'it is not just one administration this is American policy and of course it contradicts what they say they believe and that why we feel that we have a forum to try to address this issue and trying to get these laws as they call them off of the books.'

Elaborating on the impact of domestic chaos in the US administration on showing such anti-human rights, she said ' of course it plays a part, a very big part in it but I want you to know that these laws were talking about material witness laws this is not just under Trump administration this has been in place for decades when especially 9/11 2001 this has been used.'

Commenting on her future plans, she said 'I want to put pressure on US and Western judicial systems and this overall attack on Muslims and it is especially the black Americans and even black Europeans as far as the legal aspect I am purusing and I am looking for all possible avenues so we will see what decisions can be made on that.'

Alluding to the reason for which she was detained, Hashemi said 'I was taken there as a material witness and I answered the questions they asked as far as giving evidence so there were nothing to give evidence about.'

'We say that it was a fishy expedition that is exactly what I mean,' she reiterated.

She added 'I feel that it was just a matter of trying to intimidate me, but there was nothing concrete in it at all and I really believe that it was only due to the pressure from the press and also the social media platforms that I got out when I did.'

'There were no case to give evidence about there were nothing concrete it was such a wide range of questions that had nothing to do with me personally,' Iranian anchor said.

'I said I don’t represent the Iranian government I am the American journalist living and working in Iran,' Hahsemi noted.


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