Iran's enemies conceding central role of Islamic Revolution in world: Azeri expert

Baku, February 3, IRNA - Iran's enemies acknowledge the pivotal role and achievements of the Islamic Revolution over the past 40 years, the head of the Writers' Union 'PEN' of the Republic of Azerbaijan highlighted.

In an interview with the Islamic Republic News Agency here on Sunday (IRNA), Qorban Jebrael said, As a result, this is the vital role and achievements of Iran that the European countries are now censoring the US sanctions and are not prepared to break their ties with the Islamic Republic of Iran as an advanced country.”

He added that Iran has gained all these achievements over the past 40 years in a very difficult situation, such as the imposed eight-year war, the brutal pressures and sanctions of the United States and its allies.

Reminding the US National Security Advisor John Bolton remarks who claimed that Iran would not see the 40th anniversary of the Islamic Revolution, the Azeri analyst made the remarks, 'Contrary to these false anticipations of enemies, Iran is currently in a position of consolidated unity thanks to the Leader and the nation’s efforts on the verge of the anniversary of the Islamic Revolution.

Jebrael described the 40-year old Islamic Revolution as an important event and said, 'This revolution overthrew the Pahlavi regime in Iran, ended the plundering of the reserves of the Iranian people by the imperialist circles, and their crimes in an Islamic country.”

He called for a referendum on the future regime of the country, after the victory of the Islamic Revolution, as a hallmark of Islamic democracy, and noted, 'The people of Iran have voted for the Islamic Republic's system and the constitution based on Quran verses.”

The head of the Writers' Union 'PEN' of the Republic of Azerbaijan highlighted the defending the rights of Muslims and, in general, all the oppressed people of the world as the main cause of the Islamic Revolution, and made the remarks, 'The Islamic Republic of Iran has always supported the rights of Muslims in different parts of the world, including Palestine, Syria, Yemen, Afghanistan, and this position in we are witnessing in the resolution of the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict.”


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