Feb 3, 2019, 2:43 PM
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Iran Revolution proved US as house of cards: Iraqi analyst

Baghdad, Feb 3, IRNA – An Iraqi analyst said on Sunday that the 1979 Islamic Revolution in Iran awakened the entire region and proved that the US is an empty house of cards.

Speaking to the Islamic Republic News Agency (IRNA), Wael al-Rikabi said the Islamic Revolution showed the oppressed nations around the world that how short the lives of dictators are.

The Islamic Revolution in Iran proved that it is only the people who are having the right to choose their leaders, al-Rikabi said.

He went on to say that the Islamic Revolution revived the significant issue of Palestine which the Islamic World had unfortunately pushed to margins by some Arab countries.

Referring to the fundamental slogan of “No East, No West” adopted by the Late Founder of the Islamic Revolution the late Imam Khomeini as the main theme of the movement, the Iraqi analyst said such slogan came from an Islamic movement which stood against all oppressors, and has now turned into a real power thanks to its numerous victories gained in Iraq, Syria and Lebanon.

Elaborating on the reason behind Islamic Republic’s support for Palestine’s Hamas and Lebanon’s Hezbollah, the analyst said the sole aim Iran pursues through such support is to attend to the World of Islam’s issues and aspirations.

Turning to the presence of the US forces in the region, al-Rikabi said the United States looted the region from its resources in a bid to serve the Zionists’ interests and keep Israel alive.

Commenting on the different roles and policies Iran and the US followed in the region, the analyst said while Iran was seeking to promote friendship with the regional states and supports those who are following peace policy in the region, the Washington administration thrived to keep the region in critical conditions with the goal of selling weapons to the regional countries in order to guarantee its own interests.

The United States through coalition with Saudi Arabia is planning to annihilate Yemen by killing hundreds of innocent Yemenis; while Iran tried to draw the attention of the international community to seriously examine the hazardous situation in the Muslim country, he noted.

The analyst further stressed that Iran did stand by the Iraqis as well and helped the Iraqi forces defeat the terrorist group of Daesh (ISIS).

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