Islamic Revolution of Iran revived hope of people of world: Algerian figure

Algiers, Feb 2, IRNA - Political analyst and advisor to the Speaker of Algerian Assembly Mohammad Baghdad said that the Islamic Revolution of Iran is a great success and has achieved great achievements and revived hope for the world's oppressed people to build a better future.

In an exclusive interview with the Islamic Republic News Agency (IRNA), Baghdad added, 'The Islamic Revolution of Iran is an excellent model for Muslims in the Middle East and the whole world, and has achieved great gains. The Iranian people, with their revolution, have made the oppressed people in the world and those who were disappointed with the change in the conditions of their countries, are more hopeful and self-confident to work to get rid of more problems.

This Algerian personality called the Islamic Revolution in line with reviving human values, including the freedom and independence of human beings, and said, 'The Iranian people wanted to have access to the wealth and resources of their country, and they themselves would have their affairs as they wished and far from the colonial domination and the orders of foreigners.”


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