Venezuela being punished for standing against  US: Pak daily

Islamabad, Feb 2, IRNA - A leading Pakistani English news daily says that Venezuela has always stood up to the US and been punished for it.

The News in its editorial comments on Saturday said that the US has a long history of orchestrating coups in Latin America.

“This is a legacy it has never learnt from, despite shafting out a number of progressive leaders and replacing them with brutal dictators,” it said.

The paper added for the last two decades, since late Hugo Chavez took power, Venezuela has faced economic sanctions as well as numerous coup-attempts. “This has left the Venezuelan government led by Chavez’s successor facing a crippling economic crisis,” said the editorial.

It said while Maduro has not proven to be the successor to Chavez that Venezeula needed, there is little justification for the kind of coup that is being witnessed in the country today.

About ten days back, an unknown legislator, Jaun Guiado, found himself the head of the National Assembly. The US, to no surprise, accepted the claim and asked other countries to accept Guiado as Venezuela’s new president.

“In an already divided country, the US and other world powers are now encouraging civil war – as though the situation in the Middle East and Northern Africa needs to be repeated elsewhere,” said The News.

The paper went on to say that it is clear that Guiado has conspired with the far-right governments in Brazil and the US.

The paper added change might be needed in Caracas, but it cannot come from the outside, and it cannot come through dictatorship.

Editorial said Maduro has shown his openness to talking to the opposition but the opposition looks in no mood to talk as the international push against the Maduro change continues.

“The international community would be well-advised not to meddle in Venezuelan affairs any further,” the paper stated.


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