Feb 1, 2019, 4:01 PM
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Iran envoy: US incapable of changing nation's will

London, Feb 1, IRNA – Iran's Ambassador to the UK Hamid Baeedinejad said on Friday that the US is incapable of changing the will of Iranian people who are in the path of Islamic revolution.

'The US has over the past 40 years used the tool of sanctions to divert Iranian people from the path of (Islamic) Revolution. But as long as Iranian people's will is based on independence, no other country can change their demand,' said Baeidinejad in an address to a seminar in commemoration of the 40th victory anniversary of the Islamic Revolution of Iran.

He said Islamic Revolution of Iran lies on three main pillars: Islam, independence and freedom.

He added that it would be natural for a country with Muslim majority to see values and aspirations, being based on Islamic ideology, governing different social scenes. 'So, Islamic hue is an important aspect of the revolution (of Iran).'

He noted that the other two pillars, i.e. independence and freedom, have roots in Iranian history. 'More than 100 years ago, we had a constitutional movement when the nation decided to restrict power of the monarch by constitution, which defined duties of various branches of government.'

Elsewhere in his remarks, he said in the post-Islamic Revolution era, all officials of the legislation and executive branches are elected by the public and even the leader is indirectly elected on public votes.

To the end of his remarks, the diplomat envisioned a positive prospect for Iran as there is willingness for trade with Russia, China and India as well as many other countries, which seek legitimate economic relations with Iran.

He voiced confidence that Iranian people will reach all its objectives.
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