Western powers striving to change legitimate govt in Venezuela: Pak analyst

Islamabad, Feb 1, IRNA -- A senior Pakistan analyst says that Western powers, led by American imperialists are clearly on a mission to impose a government change in Venezuela.

Khalid Bhatti in his article published in ‘The News’ said the US and Western powers are trying to remove Venezuela’s elected president Nicolas Maduro and installing Juan Guaido, a handpicked person in his place.

“The Trump administration is prepared to go to any lengths to bring this change,” he said.

He noted that Venezuelan assets have been seized in the US and the UK and economic sanctions have been imposed on the country.

“Repeated calls have been made for Maduro to step down and the Venezuelan Army has been urged to oust him if he refuses to do so. This is a coup attempt that serves to safeguard imperialist interests,” the analyst said.

He went on to say that Trump administration is also working on a well-planned strategy to oust Maduro in which a long list of neocons, such as Mike Pence, Mike Pompeo, John Bolton, Senator Marco Rubio (the spokesperson for the Cuban exile mafia) and Elliott Abrams, are involved.

Khalid Bhatti said the track record of all those who are involved in imposing government-change in Venezuela suggests that they have no interest in preserving democracy and human rights, and are just using these noble ideals to mask their plans to oust an elected government.

He said western powers want to install a pro-West capitalist government to implement a vicious austerity program and economic policies that favour the free market.

He added they want to get their hands on Venezuela’s oil reserves, which are considered the largest proven oil reserves in the world.

The analyst was of the view that western powers are confident that they will succeed, given the severe economic recession in Venezuela and widespread support from governments in Colombia, Brazil, Argentina and Chile that are seemingly hostile towards the country.

He said the economic meltdown and chronic shortage of basic food items and other utilities have made life increasingly difficult for the people. “And yet, the fall of the Maduro government will bring further hardships for the working classes,” he believed.
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