Ambassador of Vatican: Interfaith Abrahamic cooperation will lead to global peace

Mashhad, Jan 30, IRNA - The Vatican's ambassador to the Islamic Republic of Iran said that the dialogue of Abrahamic religions is an indispensable duty to humanity which if done properly, would lead to mutual understanding of their followers, respect for peace and coexistence in the world.

At the first international conference of “Imam Reza and the Interfaith Dialogue” in Mashhad Archbishop Leo Bokardi added, 'The cooperation of the followers of the Abrahamic religions is essential for overcoming violence and making friendship, promoting peace and justice in the world, and this is necessary that can be achieved through dialogue between religious scholars.”

'Faith is a legacy that is in the hands of all humanity, and the faith of the Abrahamic followers as an instrument of dialogue and interfaith cooperation is so important that it can be used to build world peace,' he said.

The Vatican's ambassador to the Islamic Republic of Iran made the remarks, 'It is imperative that the Abrahamic religions enter into a positive relationship with each other because they are neighbors and their common religious elements and shared concerns obliges them to build better ties based on moral values in the world.'


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