Iran role model for peaceful coexistence of religions, people of world

Mashhad, Jan 30, IRNA - The Rabbi of the Jewish Community of Tehran said that from the past, tolerance and living in peace have been the characteristics of the Iranian nation, so Iran can be the best model for the peaceful coexistence of followers of religions and people of the world.

Younes Hamami Lalehzar said on Wednesday at the opening ceremony of the first conference of “Imam Reza and the interfaith dialogue” in Mashad, 'From centuries ago, Iran has always been the land of peace, reconciliation and the various ethnic groups of Iran have been living together with peace and reconciliation.

“Dialogue between religions has a long history, and in the past, this discourse was conducted within the framework of the procedures or approach that a religion had toward another religion. From the point of view of secularism, the focus of the interfaith dialogue was on this issue 'Why make up our debates and disagreements, let's put religion aside and live together,' he added.

The Rabbi of the Jewish Community of Tehran said that the new view that emerged after the Islamic Revolution, based on the viewpoint of Imam Khomeini was based on the cooperation, co-thinking and integration among the followers of the religions. As Imam Khomeini said that our religion is monotheism, Iran is our country and we are a single nation. This speech of Imam opened a new way for interfaith dialogue while preserving mutual respect.


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