Malaysian thinker: Iran's revolution boosts awakening, unity in Muslim world

Kuala Lumpur, Jan 29, IRNA- A senior Malaysian Thinker said that the most important impact of the Islamic revolution in various international arenas is strengthening the awakening of the Muslim world and expand empathy and unity among Muslims.

Speaking on the eve of the 40th anniversary of the Islamic Revolution, Professor Zeyd Ahmad, head of the Faculty of Ecology and professor at the University of Putra highlighted, 'The Islamic Revolution increased Iran's role in regional and international developments.”

The researcher in International Relations at the Malaysian universities emphasized, 'In addition, the Iranian revolution distinguished the role of Islamic countries in influencing regional and international arenas. Some Western countries with stereotypical themes such as terrorism have tried to create challenges for the Islamic revolution, and the Islamic revolution must continue to face these challenges in the future.

'The Iranian revolution is a popular revolution, and this is the reason why this revolution has lasted in the world and serving the people and achieving their aspirations is the key to the survival of the Islamic Revolution.'


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