Ex-Pakistani envoy praises unity of Iranian people

Islamabad, Jan 29, IRNA – The Iranian people and government have defeated all challenges in the post Islamic Revolution era through unity, says former Pakistani ambassador of Iran says.

It goes to the credit of Iranian leaders and people that they have remained united against the conspiracy of their foreign enemy, Javid Husain said in a recent interview with the Islamic Republic News Agency (IRNA).

Iranians have always remained together; they struggled to maintain their independence against threats from abroad, Husain said.

“As a former ambassador of Pakistan to Iran I would like to wish people of Iran and the government of Iran prosperity, success, economic well being and stability in years to come,” the diplomat said.

He noted there are close historical, cultural, and political affinities between the two countries and there is every need to further strengthen that relationship.

“As you are aware of that hearts of the people of Pakistan and people of Iran beat together,” he said.

“We in Pakistan firmly believe that security and economic well being of both the countries are closely linked. So there is need to strengthen brotherly relationship between Iran and Pakistan and their cooperation in various fields,” said the former envoy.
Husain added that in this kind of relationship and cooperation lie the secret of the two countries' prosperity.

“Their cooperation is also important for regional peace and stability. So with the point of their national being and from the point of view of regional stability Iran-Pakistan brotherly cooperation is extremely important rather it is unavoidable,” Husain said.

'We wish the people of Iran all the success and prosperity in the years to come,' the former Pakistani ambassador to Iran said.

The expert on international affairs also said Iran had to face many difficulties after the 1979 Islamic Revolution because the countries which were not happy to see an independent government coming into power in Iran were soon at work to destabilize it to undercut its interests.

The Iraqi imposed war against Iran was the early symptom of that kind of approach, he said.

The diplomat said Iran like most Islamic countries faces two kinds of challenges.

Firstly it has had to strengthen its internal stability and accelerate its economic progress in order to bring prosperity to its people, and Iran has achieved considerable success in moving in that direction, he stressed.

“Secondly Iran has also faced external threats to its security and its economic well being and here again it goes to the credit of their leaders and the people of Iran that they have shown great deal of unity which defeated all those challenges,” he said.


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