Desire of countries to establish embassy in Damascus sign of Iran's supreme power

Tabriz, Jan 29, IRNA- Chief of Staff of the Iranian Armed Forces General Mohammad Hossein Baqeri said that the desire of different countries to create an embassy in Damascus is a specimen and sign of the supreme power of Islamic Republic of Iran in the region and in the world.

Pointing to the success of Iran over last 40 years, senior Iranian military official said on Tuesday 'today Iran has become the safest country in the region, and continues to maintain its full authority despite various conflicts and threats of its enemies'.

He went on to say that currently the US-backed armies of the region enjoying financial and logistic support of Saudi Arabia, the UAE and Zionists, one after another, are defeated.

Major General Baqeri highlighted, 'Today, Iraqi state is to kick the invaders out, and this is part of the undisputed power of the Islamic Republic in the region, which explicitly and courageously expresses all its principled positions.

'The enemies know well that if they are intent on invasion and threats to the Islamic Republic of Iran, they will receive harsh responses,' the top military commander said.

Major General Bagheri described entering the 40th anniversary of the Islamic Revolution as a great miracle through a series of sanctions, assassinations, wars and political and economic pressures.

He added that well-resilient nation has been struggling with all kinds of pressures and threats and left behind the sacred defense despite all the hardships.


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