Iranian revolution still source of concern for colonialists: Algerian figure

Algiers, Jan 28, IRNA - The leader of Algeria “al-Jadeeda Party” Jamal bin Abdul Salam, described Iranian revolution an extremely successful experiment, saying that Iran's revolution is about independence and freedom of the people of the world and this has been a source of concern for powers.

In an exclusive interview with the Islamic Republic News Agency (IRNA), Abdul Salam pointed out that the message of this revolution was independence and freedom for all peoples of the world, and for this reason global arrogance is not happy with it and these days it is intended to harm it through economic warfare.”

He further noted that the strength and endurance of the Islamic Revolution of Iran has been a source of concern for its global arrogance in the region, which is why we see that they are speaking of Iran with hatred.

The Algerian official added that these days we are witnessing the negative American propaganda, the Zionist regime, some Western countries, as well as some Arab countries against Iran, which is because the Iranian revolution was anti-authoritarian and this revolution is stressing on the independent and freedom of people of different parts of the world.


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