States obliged to respect Syria’s sovereignty, territorial integrity: Spox

Tehran, Jan 28, IRNA - Spokesman for Iran's foreign ministry emphasized that the Syrian government is defending its territorial integrity and sovereignty and other countries are also required to adhere to these principles.

'Given the consultations with our partners in the Astana process and with the Turkish authorities, our understanding is that the Turkish government recognizes the territorial integrity of Syria and is not interested in undermining the territorial integrity of Syria,” Bahram Qasemi said in his weekly news conference here on Monday.

The official underlined that at the same time, Turkey has concerns about northern Syria that needs to be resolved through consultation and dialogue.

In a response to another question about the sanctions of the Mahan Airlines by the German government, the senior official said, 'We consider Germany’s act to be an erroneous and against the governing spirit of the relations between the two countries, and I hope that this wrong action will be corrected as soon as possible, and previous status returned.'

The spokesman highlighted, “There is a commentary on this measure that this is the price Iran pays for the fight against terrorism. I hope the German government, in light of the role of the Islamic Republic of Iran in combating the ISIS and terrorism in the region, and the role that played for security in the region did not create the mentality that Iran should pay for the fight against terrorism.”

'We have made protests to the Ambassador of the country and we are pursuing issues through diplomatic contacts,' he added.

The Iranian foreign ministry spokesman, meantime, reiterated that Mahan Airlines case is being pursued through legal mechanisms in Europe as well, because this behavior is not logical well and proper towards Iran.


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