Jan 28, 2019, 8:15 PM
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Tehran to pursue arrest of Iranian diplomat in Belgium seriously

Tehran, Jan 28, IRNA - Iran's foreign ministry is seriously pursuing the arrest of Iranian diplomat Asadollah Asadi in Belgium.

Speaking at a press conference on Monday, Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman Bahram Qasemi spoke about Asadollah Asadi, an Iranian diplomat arrested in Belgium, and said, 'Mr. Asadi's issue is a major issue for the Foreign Ministry. He has been faced with false accusations. Efforts have been done to prove his innocence and freedom from prison and the case is being pursued on a daily basis.

'He is enjoying the experienced lawyers with Iran's efforts and with the help of his attorneys, he is going through the judicial process, and I hope that as soon as possible, the Belgian government and its judicial courts in the light of the intuition and reality that exists to reach out what elements wanted to influence Iran's relations with other countries at a certain point,' the senior official emphasized.

The spokesman, however, expressed the hope that the Iranian diplomat will be released as soon as possible and the case will be closed.

In response to another question about talks between the United States and the Taliban, Qasemi said, 'We will surely monitor the issues of Afghanistan seriously and we will continue our talks with the Afghan side at all levels.'

He added, 'We are interested Afghanistan to achieve as soon as possible to a sustainable and lasting peace, and as an important and neighboring country with a historical cultural affiliation with Afghanistan, we consider Afghanistan's security as our own security and we will strive to help for peace in the country with centrality of the legitimate government of Afghanistan.”

'We are looking at a realistic approach with suspicion, and we believe that American wrong policies over decades and years have been a destructive factor for peace and stability in these countries and regions and that these policies are still being pursued, and this policies have had no result except instability, insecurity and lack of economic development,' Qasemi added.

In response to another question about Pompeo's remarks at the Davos summit on the formation of a global coalition against Iran, Qasemi said, “US Secretary of State Pompeo, like President Trump, is accustomed to starting his day with these kinds of stances against Iran, and apparently if he does not do this, he will have complications and illness, and we also know that leaving the habit is a disease.'

“At the same time, we hope that Pompeo will leave this bad habit and give his words accurately and according to Iran's lofty position in the region and history of Iran,' he said. “The Iranian people have shown that they defend their country against the bullying powers.”


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