Jan 27, 2019, 5:40 PM
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Iran, Russia to finalize tourist group visa soon

Moscow, Jan 27, IRNA – Iranian envoy to Russia Mehdi Sanaei announced that Iran and Russia have prepared the plan for implementation of an agreement to facilitate tourist group visa, saying it will be signed during Russian delegation's trip to Tehran soon.

Speaking to the Russian media 'RBK TV', Sanaei said the facilitation document was signed for Iranian and Russian nationals in 2015 and the agreement for visa waiver was signed during President Hassan Rouhani's trip to Russia in 2017.

He noted that the facilitation will only be given to group tourists.

In response to another question on Iran's solutions for fighting the US sanctions, Sanaei said sanctions are not a new issue, but Iran has tolerated the US sanctions for 40 years.

Despite sanctions, Iran has continued development and has become more powerful, he noted.

Sanaei also referred to the Resistance Economy which focuses on national resources and domestic power.

He went on to say that Iran has also access to regional and international markets for exports.

For much of his interview, Iranian envoy referred to great experiences that Iran has as regard sanctions, saying those will be interesting for Russia.

Elaborating on the negative impacts of the US sanctions on Iran-Russia relations, Sanaei said although sanctions have negative effects, but Iran and Russia signed nuclear cooperation agreement in this situation.

The current sanctions are unilateral and are not supported by the United Nations Security Council, he noted.

Pointing to the fact that the relations between Iran and Russia have not stopped, Sanaei said that more opportunities have been provided for regional countries, including Iran and Russia to promote bilateral cooperation.

He reiterated that Iran enjoys great transit capacities, stating the North-South corridor starts from Saint Petersburg, northern and southern Caucasus and Azerbaijan and reaches Persian Gulf, Sea of Oman and India as well.


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