Jan 27, 2019, 1:33 PM
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Iran no easy target for Washington, Tel Aviv: Russian agency

Rome, Jan 27, IRNA – Iran is no easy target for the United Stated and Israel, wrote Sputnik Italia in a recent report, stressing that their plans and policies against Tehran are definitely doomed to fail.

'The US is trying to talk its allies into making a campaign against Iran,' Sputnik Italia wrote, referring to the anti-Iranian conference to be held in the Polish capital, Warsaw, on February 13-14.

'Iran enjoys a multi-thousand year history, strong unity, advanced technologies, and strong military power and great leverage in the region.'

Sputnik Italia also wrote that Iran is not an easy target to invade and any clash may change into a war of attrition and will include Israel and American bases.

'It will impose an enormous cost on Tel Aviv and Washington,' the media wrote.

'The US is after putting pressure on the European Union; the final goal of the US is regime change in Iran, which is definitely not in line with EU's interests that have to be defined clearly sooner or later,' it added.

Some countries have already announced that they will not attend the anti-Iranian conference.

Even the Wall Street Journal has written that the attempts made by the US to commit the EU to join the anti-Iran campaign have so far failed.

Many European foreign ministers and the Head of EU politics Federica Mogherini have already said that they will not attend the meeting.

The White House is trying to destroy Iran's economy and drive out foreign investors from the country. They try to create street protests in Iran, like what they did in Syria and Libya.

In the meantime, the US is trying to do it before 2020, when, according to the United Nations Security Council, the sanctions on arms purchases by Iran will be cancelled.

According to Sputnik Italia although the US sanctions has caused some economic problems, including inflation, for Iran, but the political establishment in Iran enjoys majority support while hatred toward the US is increasing.


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