Jan 26, 2019, 6:40 PM
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Russia's option to revive Turkey's relations with Syria: Expert

Tehran, 26 Jan, IRNA – A Middle East affairs senior analyst Abdel Bari Atwan about the meeting between the Presidents of Russia and Turkey in the wake of the US stonewall on the path to solve the Syrian crisis wrote that raising the revival of the security agreement between Turkey and Syria (the agreement of Adana) by Russia could solve the Damascus-Ankara border crisis and restore their relations.

Atwan in an article released on Saturday in Ray–al-Youm newspaper added that everyone who followed the press conference of President Vladimir Putin and Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan in Moscow on Wednesday, after a three-hour meeting, has come to the conclusion that direct talks between Damascus and Ankara are approaching, and a joint attack by Turkey and Russia on the Tahrir al-Sham terrorist group (former Al- Nusra Front) in Idlib and its suburbs has been agreed and its zero hour is set and the implementation of agreement has been linked to days and weeks to come.

The expert reiterated that recalling the Syria-Turkish security agreement signed in 1988 ( Adana Agreement) by Putin was remarkable, and his emphasis on the treaty could solve a lot of problems in restoring security on the southern borders of Turkey.

In 1998, with the increase in political, military and organization of the PKK group in northern Syria, as well as in the cities of Aleppo, Damascus and Al- Beqaa in Lebanon, Turkey was offered to address the case with the then-President of Hafez al-Assad of Syria to negotiate. Following the initial agreement, an agreement was signed in the city of Adana, in the presence of security and political officials of the two countries, known as the 'Adana Agreement'.

About Russia's proposal to re-engage the agreement on the negotiating table between Turkey and Syria the analyst wrote that Putin's remarks about the revival of the agreement was for the first time since the Syrian crisis began in March 2011, and perhaps this is at the top of the agenda of the Erdogan talks in Moscow, and its revival may help resolve many of the problems between Turkey and Syria and the need for the establishment of a secure zone proposed by President Donald Trump along the Turkish border at a depth of 20 kilometers inside Syria.


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