Jan 23, 2019, 2:54 PM
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President Rouhani: Approval of FATF bills will foil US plots

Tehran, Jan 23, IRNA - President Hassan Rouhani said on Wednesday that the unfair and illegitimate US sanctions aim to put pressure on the Iranian people; however, approval of four FATF bills will foil the American plots against banking and financial system.

Speaking at the cabinet session this morning in Tehran, President Rouhani said, 'We're happy to see that the US sanctions have not been fruitful despite all their plots against the Islamic Revolution since 1979.'

The four bills related to Financial Action Task Force (FATF) include reform in the money-laundering rule, change in the funding terrorism law, accession to Combating the Financing of Terrorism (CFT) Convention and Iran's joining to the Palermo Convention.

Although enemies try to make problems for Iran’s oil and banking issues, Tehran has found different ways to sell its oil, said the president, adding that Iran proudly circumvent the US sanctions.

All countries know that the US sanctions against Iran are unfair and illegitimate and have only targeted the Iranian people not any Iranian state body, President Rouhani said.

Referring to the new resources of light and sweet oil discovered on Jan 22 in the southwestern Iranian city of Abadan, the president said it means that Iran is very powerful in the areas of oil and gas, and no countries would be strong enough to omit Iran from the energy market.

The president said Iran cannot be ignored since it not only plays an effective role in the energy market but also has a strong impact on the regional questions, cultural and technological issues and international policies.

On the banking issues, the president said that the American officials are trying to create problems in financial transactions under the pretext of financing terrorism, and this is while all around the world well know that Iran has always been and now is forerunner of the fight against terrorists.

Iran has been a victim of terrorism since the beginning of the Islamic Revolution, he added.

Iran can transparently assure the world that it will counter the issue of terrorism in terms of financing or other aspects of the issue, he stressed.

Elaborating on the successes gained after the Islamic Revolution, the president said election is one of the achievements of the 1979 Revolution.

“Elections can guarantee the system of the Islamic Republic of Iran,” said the president.


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