Jan 23, 2019, 10:27 AM
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Iran calls for ending Israel impunity of anti-Palestine crimes

New York, Jan 23, IRNA - Iran's Chargé d’affaires to the United Nations in a statement urged the world to put an end to Israel impunity of its crimes against Palestinians

Addressing the United Nations Security Council meeting on the situation in the Middle East, including the Palestinian question, Eshagh Al Habib said 'now, the only option is to put an end to such impunity through holding Israel accountable for their crimes against the Palestinians.'

He added 'this can ensure the application of law and deter its future violation.'

The full text of Al Habib’s speech at the UNSC meeting is as follows:

In the Name of God, the Most Compassionate, the Most Merciful,

Mr. President,

I thank you for convening this meeting and congratulate the Council s new embers.

I welcome the participation of the honorable Foreign Minister of Indonesia in this important meeting.

I align myself with the NAM and OIC statements.

Welcoming Palestine for assuming chairmanship of Gil, we call for Palestine’s full membership in the UN.

Palestine’s situation was deteriorated last year. More than 295 Palestinian civilians were brutally killed and over 29,000 were injured by Israel. Many of those killed and about 7,000 of those injured were under 18 years of age.

This proves that Israel is a child-killer regime. This is a clear manifestation of war crimes and crime against humanity.

Equally, in 2018, ore Palestinian homes were demolished and ore illegal Israeli settlements were built: the blatant violation of international law.

There are yet new plans to demolish more Palestinian homes, to confiscate more Palestinian lands and to build more illegal Israeli settlements. This means the forced displacement of even more Palestinian families.

Last year, Israel also aggravated its decade-long illegal inhumane blockade on Gaza, the continuation of which will drastically deteriorate the already grave humanitarian situation.

In 2018, by enacting a law to ensure Jewish supremacy over others, Israel legalized racism.

Very recently, it inaugurated an apartheid highway that features a large concrete wall, one side of which is open to Israeli vehicles only and the other side to Palestinian vehicles only. Not surprising!

Racism is in the very nature of the Israeli regime. First, they constructed a racial segregation wall, then enacted a racial discrimination law, and have now constructed an apartheid highway.

Extremely shameful! This must be condemned in the strongest possible terms.

We should also strongly reject and condemn the recognition of Al-Quds Al-Sharif as the Israeli capital, as well as the continued occupation of parts of Lebanon and the Syrian Golan by Israel.

They are material breaches of international law and the relevant resolutions of this Council and the UNGA.

Last but not the least, let s revisit the main question: why has the systematic violation of Palestinians’ inherent rights continued unabated over the past 70 years?

It is simple: through shielding Israel, the US has rendered this Council absolutely ineffective, with respect to Israel.

Consequently, Israel has been emboldened by impunity. Instead of facing punishment, it has been rewarded to continuously and brazenly commit all international crimes.

That’s why, during its short life span, Israel has waged over 15 wars; occupied territories of Arab countries; invaded all of its neighbors, without exception; attacked other countries in the region and beyond from the Middle East to Africa; possessed all types of weapons of mass destruction; and the list goes on.

In recent years, Israel has repeatedly attacked regional countries and brazenly assumed responsibility. What action did this Council take against such a material breach of the UN Charter?

Did we hear anything from the U.S. except biased statements in support of Israel? Was it condemned by certain western members of the Council?

Israel has been emboldened to the extent that very recently, it stated that it has developed offensive missiles that can reach “any here in the area and any target, thereby implicitly
threatening all countries in the region. Likewise, sometime ago, Israel threatened Iran with nuclear annihilation; of course a wishful dream!

The gross systematic violation of territory and sovereignty of regional countries by Israel must stop. It must be held accountable for all such breaches.

Recalling article 51 of the UN Charter, we stress that all regional countries have an inherent right to defend themselves against any armed attack by Israel. No one can deny or suspend this right.

They will decide how and when to exercise it.

Now, the only option is to put an end to such impunity through holding Israel accountable for their crimes against the Palestinians. This can ensure the application of law and deter its future violation.

That is why we believe that the world should continue supporting the realization of Palestinian rights and reject further occupation, aggression, oppression, and intimidation. We will continue to do so.

I thank you, Mr. President.


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