Warsaw summit marks US' conflict with Europe to form anti-Iran coalition

Tehran, Jan 19, IRNA - Warsaw summit is in fact and implicitly the US conflict with Europe to form a coalition against Iran once again, advisor to the President of Iran Hamid Abutalebi declared.

”The consensus is shaping in America that the policy of maximum pressure on Iran through restoration and extension of unilateral sanctions has failed and the US must stop unilateralism and make a recourse to Obama policy ahead of serious Iran-G5+1 negotiations,' Abutalebi wrote in his Twitter account.

The presidential adviser reiterated, 'For this new strategy, the US must reunite the European Union and other permanent members of the UN Security Council, whose coalition are demolished; Warsaw Summit is the main US step to re-establish the coalition through embarrassing division in Europe'.

'Since Europe is aware that the goal of the Warsaw summit is aimed at defeating the current strategy of the European Union, with a step against Russia and an attempt to isolate Iran, it must be remembered that Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) was the product of dialogue,' Abutalebi noted.

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