Iran warns against Polish Summit's negative impact on Iran-Poland ties

Tehran, Jan 19, IRNA- Iran's ambassador to Poland Massoud Edrisi Kermanshahi says Poland meeting can have adverse consequences for Iran-Poland relations.

Kermanshahi told the Islamic Republic News Agency (IRNA) that Washington's holding an anti-Iran session serves as a move to divide and bring about a rift in members of European Union in the face of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

He warned that the move could have a negative effect on relations between the two countries.

The US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo recently announced an international conference focusing on the regional influence and role of Iran in the region in Warsaw, declaring that the conference will be held on February 13-14.

He outlined the goals of the United States to hold the summit, hosted by Poland, reiterating, 'So doing, and through so-called putting this new Europe vis-à-vis old Europe, America is trying to harm the ties and efforts the European Union is making to maintain relations with Iran.

Referring to the unilateral withdrawal of the US President Donald Trump's government from the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), the Iranian diplomat clarified, 'After leaving the JCPOA, the government of Trump has been trying to make other countries of the world, especially the European countries, accompany the decision, but has not succeeded so far; so, efforts to hold Warsaw summit can be regarded as a measure to make the gap between the European Union and Iran.'

'On the one hand, traditional Europe, notably Germany, France and Britain, do not agree with the withdrawal of America from the JCPOA and support the nuclear deal with Iran, and on the other hand, countries like Poland, which exposes its name as one of the most important actors and a member of the European Union, seek to be reputed as a key player in European Union; Following the US policies, they seek to gain a standing in Europe,' Kermanshahi emphasized.

However, he said, 'I do not believe that traditional Europe is going to be marginalized, and there are such countries in the EU as Poland that have nothing to offer.'

To a question on his recent visit with the Deputy Foreign Minister of Poland and the points raised at the meeting, the Iranian high-ranking official stated that he had frankly announced that holding the conference with Polish government as the host was contrary to Iran's national security and, as a result, it is considered a hostile act against Iran.

Stating the arguments and reasons on the US goal of holding the conference against Iran, the Iranian Ambassador stressed that Poland's accompaniment and hosting of the anti-Iran summit were a false, inaccurate, and unwarranted decision which could have negative consequences for relations between the two countries.

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