Iran never sacrifices scientific development for aliens’ faked concerns

Tehran, Jan 17, IRNA – Foreign Ministry spokesman Bahram Qasemi said on Wednesday that Iran will never sacrifice its scientific development for baseless concerns of the aliens and will go out of its way to secure its strategic interests.

He made the statements in reaction to US and French foreign ministries’ statements on launching satellite into orbit by Iran.

“Iran has attained a reliable indigenous knowledge through endeavors of its youth and it has also mentioned on several occasions that the capability has solely scientific and technological aspects and meant for meeting local needs,” he said.

“These capabilities merely boast of non-military nature and in no way contradicts international regulations in the field,” he said, noting that all the countries are entitled to use the technology.

No country has right to render an unfair interpretation of the Resolution 2231 in a bid to deprive the countries of enjoying scientific technologies, he stressed.

In the crisis-hit region of West Asia which has been turned into an arms stockpile due to uncontrolled exports of weapons by the Western states, shameful humanitarian catastrophes are being carried out which should be more worrisome than Iran’s scientific activities, Qasemi said.

It is regrettable to see that the criteria for certain countries’ worries are not humanitarian considerations but they are economic interests as well as their income earned from trade in times of war, he said.


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