Jan 14, 2019, 2:44 PM
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Iran FM advises countries not to invest on US internal conflicts

Tehran, Jan 14, IRNA – Iran's Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif said world countries should not invest hopes the present serious domestic problems inside the United States administration to solve their problems.

In an interview with Iran's Arabic language al-Vefagh newspaper published on Monday, he noted that 'the dispute between US President Donald Trump and the Congress is pretty serious; the US is experiencing a new kind of statesmanship,' said Mohammad-Javad Zarif.

'But anyone's investing hope in the disputes to solve their domestic problems roots in the idea that everything is on the US,' Zarif added.

He went on to stress that 'We really should change our attitude; I have already said it many times that the pro-West and anti-West views have one thing in common: the West or the US equals the whole world.'

Regarding the question about the extent the Europeans are serious in keeping their words, he said, 'Europeans prefer to do things without paying any prices. They should decide whether or not they want to pay the cost of their security, and more importantly, they should decide if they are willing to pay the price for their independence and future.'

'Can Europe stand it if the US questions them about their reasons for buying the gas they need from Russia, or wants them to explain why they have this amount of trade with China?' Zarif asked.

We have seen that Europe adopts good political stances in rhetoric but when it comes to practice, they become too conservative, he added.

'They should note that the entire price for their security cannot be paid by others; they have not paid attention to the generous polices of Iran in many fields. They can't and shouldn’t imagine that Iran will pay all the prices. The Iran nuclear deal was only one of the fields.'

Elaborating on Iran's regional policies, Zarif also referred to the differences between Iran and Turkey's political stances and said, 'Not all countries have the same policies, but our commonalities are far more than our differences.'

He added that it is important for Iran to expand ties with the neighbors, but said it doesn't mean that Iran approves of everything they do, like Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's visit to Oman, with which Iran has the best relations.

'We didn’t approve of the visit and we let our Omani friends know about that, too… Our ties with Qatar are really good, but we didn’t approve of their policies in Syria.'

Referring to the US claims that it has succeeded in push Iran's oil export to zero, Zarif said that America's failure to fulfill its wish indicates its incapability and Iran's neighbors should realize that, too.


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