Jan 14, 2019, 1:55 PM
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Iran stresses adopting independent approach in providing security

Tehran, Jan 14, IRNA – Regional countries should be independent in their approach to provide security and peace for the region and their nations, Iranian Minister of Foreign Affairs said in a recent interview with a Tehran-based Arabic-language paper.

'We are totally explicit in our policies with our Arab and non-Arab neighbors … Iran's strategy is based on cooperation with its neighbors,' Mohammad-Javad Zarif told al-Vefagh newspaper, answering a question about the challenges of Iran's ties with the regional Arab nations.

'But, unfortunately, disregarding Iran's policies, some of the neighboring Arab countries are leaning on the outside rather than the inside to provide their security and peace, so they think by showing disagreement with Iran, they will become more cherished to big countries. That’s why they are pursuing the policies which have been repeatedly defeated over the past 40 years.'

Zarif added that Iran's policies won't change according to the tendencies of some small countries aimed at creating tension.

He also said that some allege that Iran is following policies similar to those adopted by superpowers.

But that’s not the case, he said.

'The era of superpowers is gone', the top diplomat said, adding, though, some countries, like China and the US, remain to be globally influential.

Regarding the existing issues of the region, Zarif said Iran believes and has repeatedly declared that people of Yemen, Afghanistan, Syria and Iraq should decide future of their countries.

He added neither an American nor America has the right to decide for other countries.

'Arab countries, more than others, have experienced that cooperating with the US has brought security neither to them nor the region.'

Referring to a response given to a tweet of his about the Zionist regime by a foreign minister of a neighboring country, he said, 'Some of the authorities in the Arab countries are serving the Zionist without rations and stipends.'

'Isn't it the Zionist regime that is suppressing your Arab brothers? Aren't they Arabs? So, why are you more biased to the Zionist regime and speak for them?' he asked.

'It is very painful that some people in the Islamic World let the Zionists determine their policies for them.'

Answering a question about the war in Yemen, the Iranian foreign minister said, 'The war in Yemen is another disaster like the Syria war, which has been going on for four years.'

'The invaders have spent billions of dollars in the war and just attracted odium against them and caused a huge humanitarian tragedy,' Zarif emphasized.

Criticizing the global silence against the war in Yemen and the catastrophic situation, he said, 'Unfortunately, the world has either been indifferent to this disaster or have supported the invaders.'

Supporters of the Saudis are actually responsible of the killings in Yemen, he said, adding that the world responded appropriately to the murder of Saudi journalist, Jamal Khashoggi, who was butchered by the Saudi agents in Istanbul.

But why do the global community keep silent about the one million Yemenis that are in danger of cholera?, he asked.


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