Famous Iranian director to make film in collaboration with Chinese

Beijing, Jan 13, IRNA - Well-known Iranian filmmaker Majid Majidi who received the honorary title of the Beijing Film Academy two months ago and is the honorary professor of the greatest Asian Academy of the Arts is due to make a film with Chinese cooperation.

Accordingly, Majidi, who has been cynosure by Chinese authorities and institutions these days, is set to create a child-centered film in China between 2019 and 2020.

The memorandum of making the film was signed on Sunday with participation of Majidi, the head of the cultural advisory of the Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Iran in China Adel Khani, as well as the authorities of the China Child Film Studio and the China Film Cooperation Group in Beijing.

The Beijing Film Academy had also awarded the honorary professorship title of the Academy this year for Majidi outstanding activities in the field of cinema and film.

Head of Cultural Advisory of the Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Iran in China Adil Khani in today signing ceremony of Memorandum of Understanding between Majidi and the China Child Film Studio, commented that Majidi, as a famous Iranian director who had previously introduced Iran's cinema to the world, has now also a great capacity to introduce the Iranian cinema to China.

He added that the Cultural Advisory Department of the Islamic Republic of Iran's Embassy is a bridge for the development of cultural cooperation between Iran and China and “we hope that this cooperation will be further enhanced'.


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