Jan 13, 2019, 3:14 PM
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US after making up for West Asia in Warsaw: Russian Analyst

Moscow, Jan 13, IRNA – Poland conference, of which Mike Pompeo has talked about, aims at compensating the US defeats in the Middle East, especially in Syria, the head of the Eurasia Party told the Islamic Republic News Agency (IRNA) in a recent interview.

'Washington would do anything to get rid of its situation in the Middle East,' Aleksandr Dugin told IRNA.

Dugin added, 'One of the purposes of the Poland conference is to revive the destroyed reputation of the US after quitting the Iran nuclear deal.'

'Washington is trying to unite its allies once again.'

Saying that the conference is being held by the US to create a coalition against Iran, he added, 'It is not unlikely at all that some decisions are taken against Russia and the measure it has taken, especially in Syria.'

The head of the Eurasia Party of Russia added that the US policies in the Middle East have reached an impasse and that’s why it is organizing the Poland conference.'

Dugin said that it is a fact that the collaborations between Iran and Russia have been of great help to the region and Syria, and added, 'By withdrawing from Iran Deal, the US disrespected the United Nations Security Council and violated Resolution 2231.'

'Such a move on the part of a UNSC member is actually disrespect to the UNSC decisions and structure of the international body.'

Seeing that the US pulled out of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), no country can dare to sign an agreement with the United States and they know that negotiating with Washington is pointless and a sheer waste of time, he said.

According to the Russian authority, being committed to the JCPOA put the US in a difficult situation; and the US is isolated in the international arena to do its policies.

He added many of the US allies disagree with its sanctions on Iran which are illegal and circumvent the UNSC.

The situation have reached a point that the US had to exempt eight countries from oil sanctions on Iran and it seems that Washington cannot create a consensus against Iran even in the future.

'That’s why, being stimulated by the US, the Netherlands and Denmark started to advertize against Iran last week, which resulted in European Union's sanctions on Iran.'

He added that the US made a mistake and, through the sanction, they sent a message to the US that in the near future, Brussels will follow Washington's policies more than before.


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