Gas extraction from offshore platforms of South Pars 22 - 24 phases begins

Tehran, Jan 12, IRNA - The executer of development plan of South Pars 22-24 phases announced that the first platform of the development plan of these phases with a capacity of 1402 million cubic meters of gas per day was launched and exploited.

Gas extraction from offshore wells has increased for the development of various South Pars phases and maximum production in winter.

Launching several phases of South Pars after the establishment of Iranian President first term in government was one of the main priorities of the Ministry of Oil and its production, with a growth of about 2 times in comparison to 2013, has now reached about 600 million square meters per day.

Referring to the production phase of platform 22, Farhad Izadjou stated, 'Due to the precise planning to accelerate the provision of part of the country's winter fuels, all stages of connecting the sea pipelines to the platform and the launch of the 22nd South Pars platform at sea by Iranian specialists have been carried out.'

According to Izadjou, platform 22 is the first major platform for the development of phases 22 to 24 of South Pars, which has been completed after the completion of the installation and launch operations at sea.


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