Italian newspaper: Huawei case complicated in violating anti-Iran sanctions

Rome, Jan 11, IRNA - The Italian newspaper La Stampa on Thursday wrote that the case of relations between the Chinese company Huawei and Iran has become more complicated for breaking the US sanctions.

Huawei told the Washington government that the two companies Skycom Tech and Canicula Holdings, through which it worked in Iran, were completely independent and did not belong to the Chinese company.

But according to evidence retrieved by Reuters, the two companies belong to Huawei, and the Chinese company's violation of US sanctions is much wider than it has been thought so far, and many leading Huawei executives are involved.

The Italian newspaper claimed that Skycom Tech Company had been supplying electronic equipment to Iran and Canicula Holdings is the financial manager of the operation. The available evidence suggests very close connections between them and Huawei. The director of SkyeCom in Iran is one of Huawei's leading executives and has signed many leading Chinese executives in the Skycom bank accounts in Iran.
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