Jan 9, 2019, 7:16 PM
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Israel has to choose between bad, worse vis-a-vis Syria: Expert

Beirut, Jan 9, IRNA- Middle East affairs analyst Abbas Ismail says Israel has to choose between bad and worse as far as Syria issue is concerned.

Talking to the Islamic Republic News Agency (IRNA), Ismail pointed to the difficulty of the Zionist regime in choosing a policy towards Syria and said Israelis must either abandon Syria, whose result is increasing the strength of resistance, or enter a war for which is not prepared.

He said the Zionist regime was surprised by the announcement of the withdrawal of American forces from Syria and considers it not being in its favor.

'Israel has become very worried about the American decision, which has many reasons; first, it made a kind of negative sense to allies of the United States, which means that Washington cannot be relied on in the region,' he added.

Secondly, the Israelis know that the vacuum caused by the withdrawal of the United States will be filled by the other side, whether Iran or Russia, said the official, adding that Israel knows that the terrestrial connection between Syria and Iraq is not in its favor, and the withdrawal of American forces facilitates this connection. From Israel's point of view, this paves a way from Tehran to Beirut through which resistance can reach weapons and equipment, opined the expert.

The analyst believes that despite the fact that Donald Trump was the closest President of the United States to Israel and strongly supported it and announced his deep friendship with the Zionists, he decided not to consult Israel and it was in conflict with Israel interests. This decision opens the way for further spin-offs in other areas, particularly the Palestinian case.
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