Jan 8, 2019, 4:45 PM
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Young Iranian girl dreaming for sitting down

Arak, Jan 8, IRNA - Mansoure Amani, a 28-year-old girl in Iranian central city of Arak, has been desirous for 10 years to sit and due to severe spinal cord disease she has permanently had no option but to keep standing to do her daily routine.

Dreams come in many different ways, one wishes to have a home, another is wishing for a child, and others, hoping to get a decent job, but it's a bit odd a person whishes to sit down like everyone else and feel comfortable with his health.

Mansoureh says that when she was taking the diploma, she lost the opportunity to sit down, and since doctors in Arak were unable to cure her, she departed to Tehran, “I visited numerous doctors in Tehran, and after several times I had surgery on the neck, pelvis and hands no tangible result has been obtained.'

'In my last spinal surgery, after six months my left foot was shortened and my movement was getting harder.'

Alireza Amani, an expert in bone and joints surgery commented on Mansoureh's disease and said, 'The patient is suffering from 'Scoliosis', meaning' one-sided spinal curving,' and since the pelvis does not move, the spine is curved.'

He continued that spinal deviation has been caused by the disease, and the joints swollen and with the calcium deposits in the bones, the patient suffered severe movement constraints.

The Iranian handicap's father died years ago, thus has no financier to undertake her costly medication. Imam Khomeini Relief Committee is the only organ in charge of enduring the cost for her treatment.

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