Jan 8, 2019, 3:48 PM
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Bolton, Pompeo ignorant of regional issues: Turk journalist

Ankara, Jan 8, IRNA – National Security Advisor of the United States John Bolton is in Turkey making visits with the Turkish authorities; before arriving at Ankara, he said that Israel's exit from Syria is conditioned on Turkey's safeguarding the Syrian Kurds.

Bolton's remarks caused sharp reactions of senior Turkish officials in Turkey.

'The presidential spokesperson of Turkish President Ibrahim Kalin and Turkish Minister of Defense Hulusi Akar responded to the remarks saying that Turkey doesn’t kill Kurd brothers; it fights terrorists,' wrote Mehmet Barlas in Daily Sabah on Tuesday.

The claim to represent the Kurds on the part of a terror group is most degrading to Kurds. Not only is Turkey not fighting Kurds, but it also is countering terrorists, Barlas added.

Saying that Secretary of State Mike Pompeo had made similar remarks last week, he wrote that US statesmen are unwise and ignorant.

He added that the Turks are among the most important elements of the region and have been living in the region with Arabs, Jews, Greeks, and others. The Kurds in Turkey have a political party and there is no problem. The problem is the outlawed Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) and People’s Protection Units (YPG).

Asking a question about the nations that have been massacred by the US, he wrote, 'With the establishment of the United States, weren't the Native people of the country slaughtered? Isn't the US expressing worry about the terrorists lives?, Didn’t the US drop atomic bombs on Japan? Didn’t the US bring about death to millions of people by occupying Iraq? Haven't the US-made weapons caused deaths of tens of thousands Yemeni children and women and civilians?'

Director of Security Studies at the SETA Foundation Murat Yeşiltaş said, 'With his improper remarks and setting up preconditions, Bolton raised questions about his visit to Turkey.'

Saying that the US had to leave Syria, he said that despite announcing his decision, the US president Donald Trump has had second thoughts three times, the last one of which is the preconditions introduced by Bolton that put an end to his reputation in Ankara.

The Spokesman of the Republican People's Party Faik Öztrak in reaction to Bolton's remarks said Turkey cannot make operations in Syria without being in line with the US, he added who emboldens an advisor to speak like that.

Another article in Daily Sabah wrote that Bolton has not come to Ankara with good faith and has showed that before coming to Turkey.

He wrote that even if Trump wants to pull out of Turkey, the people around him don’t want that, that's why they throw a monkey wrench in the works. Bolton's remarks are in line with that.

Bolton is in Ankara since Monday, but no reports have been published about his meetings.


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