Jan 8, 2019, 3:07 PM
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Pak commander hails role of Iranian navy in regional securing

Bandar Abbas, Hormozgan prov, Jan 8, IRNA - Pakistan's Peace and Friendship fleet commander Admiral Mohammad Salem underscored the important role the Iranian navy plays in ensuring security in the region.

Addressing a ceremony on the deck of Iran's Kheyber destroyer, he noted that patrols are taking place in the Indian Ocean region through the collaboration of littoral states with the Iranian fleet playing a major role in promoting security in the region.

He said, 'These patrols have secured the area and the communication channels in the Indian Ocean.”

The Pakistani commander went on to stress that the relations between Pakistan and the Islamic Republic of Iran have historic roots and national and religious commonalities have added to its depth and created significant military relations between the two countries.

The top military officer went to note that over the past few years, frequent exchange of visits by Pakistani and Iranian navies made to Bandar Abbas port in Iran and Karachi in Pakistan have taken place and Iran’s Navy has been involved in the our exercises.

Pakistan's Peace and Friendship fleet commander said the current visit to Bandar Abbas will promote relations between the two countries.

Admiral Salem, referring to the trade route between Pakistan and Iran, said the intensification of business activities in the Pakistani Gwadar Port and Chabahar Port of Iran and the establishment of maritime security by the navy forces of Iran and Pakistan will boost commercial activity and prosperity of both countries.

Also speaking in the ceremony was the commander of the 1st Zone of the Iranian Navy Second Admiral Mojtaba Mohammadi who stressed the points of cooperation the two countries shared in religious and national fields that will enhance the ties between the two countries.

He said, 'The cooperation of the countries of the Indian Ocean, especially the cooperation between the two navies of Iran and Pakistan, will play an important role in safe navigation in the Indian Ocean.'

Pakistani Peace and Friendship fleet comprising Kheyber flagship destroyer, Coast Guard Job, Logistic ship of Madadgar and Rahnavard training ship docked in the 1st zone of Naval Force of the Iranian Army on Sunday.

A welcome ceremony was held on its dock which was also attended by the Turkish and German military attachés, Deputy Ambassador of the United Kingdom, Ambassador of Australia, Ambassador and Pakistani military attaché in Iran.

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