Ancient Iranian nation respecting environment: Head of Tehran Mobeds

Tehran, Jan 7, IRNA – Head of Tehran Mobeds Council Ardeshir Khorshidian said on Monday that the Iranians are the ancient nation who has always been aware of the nature’s significance and respected it as a divine gift.

Speaking in the first round of religious dialogue between the Center of Dialogue Among Religious, Culture and French Catholic Team on ‘Status of Environment in Islam and Catholics’, he said that such meetings and dialogues provide good opportunity for further interaction and achieving common approaches among the faiths to preserve the nature and environment.

“We should first know ourselves and nature to be able to know God,” he said, noting that mankind should join hand to save nature and find common solutions for solving the outstanding challenges.

Solving environmental problems require collective resolve and serious determination, he stressed.

Head of French Religious Conferences also told the same gathering that science and progress have been bestowed by God to humanity and nature is a divine asset which should looked at from a divine perspective.

Henry De Laoag further pointed out that nature should be offered to all equally. Preserving it is duty of mankind and followers of all faith around the world should exchange views in this respect.

Meanwhile, Head of French Catholic Universities Council described dialogue as manifestation of God’s characteristics in mankind and it does not belong to believers; rather it belongs to the entire humanity.


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