Wisdom of Indian government in relations with Iran

Tehran, Jan 7, IRNA - Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif is visiting India while the Indian government, headed by Narendra Modi, has shown remarkable wisdom in managing relations with Tehran.

The exchange of visits by Iranian and Indian officials has always been important, but Zarif is in India when the crisis related to unilateral sanctions by Trump government has shaded on diplomacy in the region”.

A look at the Indian foreign policy of Prime Minister Modi's Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) indicates that Indian elites, despite the government's pressure, try to balance their relations with important regional countries, including the Islamic Republic of Iran.

While some experts consider the ties between Tehran and New Delhi just from the angle of oil diplomacy, rapid regional developments, especially in recent months, have expanded relations between the two countries and increased their importance.

The recent policies of the Indian government and the stand against anti-Iranian policies of the Trump government show that the Indian politicians have become more aware of the depth in negative role of the US government in the region.

It is true that India relies on Iran's oil to meet the energy needs for a sound economic growth, but the pragmatic government of Modi has shown that he cannot ignore counter-peace and security measures in the region.

Modi's government is responsible vis-à-vis the civilized Indian people before acting against the unilateral measures of the Trump administration, and history has always witnessed that humanitarian and peaceful gestures by American officials have never been accepted by the people of the vast Indian country.

Recent developments in Tehran-New Delhi ties, including trade openings, are of great importance and Zarif's visit on Monday will also have its own achievements.

But what has more manifestation with regard to international relations is strengthening independence in the bilateral relations of the civilized nations of the region and not the extremist measures of the Trump government.

The terms of the unilateral sanctions imposed by the Trump government on Iran and the efforts of the Indians to achieve mechanisms for maintaining business relations with the Iranian nation should be assessed in this regard.

India's prime minister, known as the “Mr. of development” in his country, has given special attention to relations with Iran.

Business investment of Indians in Chabahar Port portrayed the importance of Iran and India to complement each other in regional and international diplomacy, and the two countries have taken good steps towards a new relationship.

*International relations expert and former head IRNA Bureau in New Delhi


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