Jan 5, 2019, 4:23 PM
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Expert rules out US claims over Iran destructive role in Syria

Moscow, Jan 5, IRNA – Efforts made by Moscow and Tehran to fight terrorism are complementary, and Washington’s claims that Iran plays a destructive role in Syria are not correct, said a senior member of the Russian Academy of Sciences on Saturday.

Political motives are behind those claims, Stanislav Pritchin, senior analyst at the Center for Caucasian and Central Asian Studies at the Institute of Oriental Studies of Russian Academy of Sciences, told the Islamic Republic News Agency (IRNA) in a recent interview in Moscow.

Describing Iran’s presence in Syria as important, he added that Tehran plays a positive role in bringing about tranquility and security to the crisis-stricken nation.

Iran, Russia and Turkey are the three guarantors of peace in Syria which has been suffering from unrest and terrorist acts since March 2011.

Russia and Iran are two leading players in annihilation of terrorist in Syria, the Russian analyst said, adding that the two countries did a great job in helping the Syrian Army ensure security and cleanse different regions from terrorists who have the backing of certain states, including the US.

Combat against terrorism in Syria has not come to an end, said he, stressing that the participation by Russia and Iran is necessary to fully overcome the terrorists.

Pritchin further called for maintaining vigilance against terrorism.

Terrorism is a cancerous tumor that can revive, he stressed.

Referring to foreigners’ presence in Syria, the researcher said that despite the US claims, the Western officials just pay lip service as long as helping Syria is concerned.

Elsewhere in his remarks, Pritchin referred to different rounds of Astana talks on Syria with participation of Russia, Iran and Turkey, saying that the negotiations produced positive outcomes and were also confirmed by the United Nations (UN).

Establishment of de-escalation zones in Syria is among the Astana outcomes, he said, expressing hope that Syrian constitutional committee, expected to be set up soon, would be effective in halting the Syrian crisis.

Touching upon the recent US forces’ exit from Syria, the expert said that it is too soon to talk about full withdrawal of the American forces from the crisis-hit country.

Elaborating on relations between Moscow and Tehran in the Caspian Sea in north of Iran, the analyst said that the Sea is a good place for fostering bilateral cooperation in the areas of economy and security.

On the US anti-Iran sanctions which were re-imposed on November 5, 2018, despite the world’s criticism over the issue, the researcher said that some Russian companies stopped their activities in Iran regarding the US bans, but they don’t leave Iran.

He also hoped for the financial mechanism for trade exchanges with Iran to be established soon, and the obstacles on cooperation with Iran removed.


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