Iran-Pak cooperation inevitable for Afghan peace: Iran envoy

Islamabad, Jan 5, IRNA -- Ambassador of Iran to Pakistan Mehdi Honardoost says Iran welcomes all efforts for peace and reconciliation in Afghanistan.

In an interview with IRNA in Islamabad, Honardoost said Iran-Pakistan close cooperation in that connection is inevitable.

He added that Iran hails joint efforts for peace and stability in Afghanistan and appreciates cooperation of Afghan government to make the peace process a success.

He noted that Iran and Pakistan are two important regional players and their coordination for peace and reconciliation in Afghanistan is very significant.

The ambassador opined that both Iran and Pakistan are in a position to play constructive role for peace and stability in Afghanistan.

He further added that Iran and Pakistan are very strong diplomatically, politically, financially and militarily, thus through their joint efforts can play a better role for restoring peace in Afghanistan.

Mehdi Honardoost hoped that closer cooperation among the regional states would ensure a secure future for the generations to come.

The diplomat added that Iran and Pakistan are of the view that there is no military solution to the 40 years old conflict in Afghanistan rather presence of foreign forces have aggravated the situation and the regional nations had to pay heavy price for that.

He said that since the war started in Afghanistan, both Iran and Pakistan have been hosting bulk of Afghan refugees which has also caused huge financial damage to both countries.

The ambassador noted that instability in Afghanistan have also increased human and drug smuggling.

He strongly believed that conflict in Afghanistan can only be resolved by regional states and the foreign forces have to leave the region because their presence is further deteriorating the situation of Afghanistan.
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