Jan 5, 2019, 3:00 PM
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Ambassador: Iran-Iraq relations successful model for others

Baghdad, Jan 5, IRNA - Ambassador of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Baghdad has emphasized that Iran-Iraqi relations are expanding in all fields, thus serving as a successful model of cooperation between the two neighboring countries in international level.

Speaking at the Iraqi National Defense University in Baghdad, Iraj Madjedi argued that Iran's view of Iraq is not based on a sectarian or partisan approach but rather a human, Islamic, and fraternal look. 'Iraq has no more honest friend than Iran,” added the diplomat.

Visiting the Iraqi National Defense University at the invitation of commander and chairman of the university, Major General Al-Shemri, on Saturday, Iran's ambassador to Iraq spoke with a number of university students and professors.

Somewhere in his speech, Masjedi stated that the Islamic Republic of Iran is not pursuing bullying and is not under any circumstances under force.

He said the independence and sovereignty of the people and the dignity of the nations are above these issues.

The Iranian diplomat pointed to the aggressive policies of some countries, including the United States, in the regional and global arena, and continued, 'We believe that the United States, like other nations, is a country and has one vote in the United Nations like other countries, but why in many countries, there is a base and military force? Why does the US think everyone should be under its command?

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