Jan 4, 2019, 12:15 PM
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America seeking to revive ISIS on Syria-Iraq border: Daily

Tehran, Jan 4, IRNA - The website of the Syrian newspaper 'Al-Akhbar' wrote on Friday that Kurdish informed sources said that the US decision to withdraw troops from Syria was in line with the aim of reviving the ISIS terrorist group on the border between Syria and Iraq.

Al-Abhar said, without mentioning its sources that the US' goal is ISIS to be deployed on the Syrian-Iraqi border so that the relationship between the two countries and among the members of the resistance axis is cut as one of the goals of Washington to launch the 2011 war in Syria.

Al-Akhbar wrote that the strategic defeat of the United States in Iraq and Syria has put Washington in a dilemma: the first is to get out of the region without any achievement, and second, to continue its political and military influence through other groups.

The Syrian newspaper wrote that the Americans seem to have chosen the second way by reviving the ISIS and controlling the border areas of Iraq and Syria by that group.

The United States, which had previously declared its military presence and illegal presence in Syria to confront the ISIS and its allies, but in return the result was that they left their allies alone without any support against the ISIS terrorist group.


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