Jan 2, 2019, 5:57 PM
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Trump covert trip to Iraq shows US failure: President

Tehran, Jan 2, IRNA - Iranian President Hassan Rouhani called the clandestine visit of US President Donald Trump to Iraq as a sign of the failure of Washington's policies in the region.

'We recently witnessed an important development in the region. Since 2003, Americans have claimed that they saved Iraq and Afghanistan, but if this is true, why do not you go publicly in Iraq to see how the Iraqis welcome you in the streets of Baghdad and Basra?! That you go covertly and in a dark night enter a military base and take pictures with a few militaries and talk shortly and get out of Iraq one or two hours later, this means your failure,' Rouhani said addressing a cabinet meeting on Wednesday.

'The move also means that you have not been successful, and you know that the Iraqi people are unhappy with you and do not dare to appear among them, Syria, Lebanon and Yemen as well you do not dare to go,' the Iranian president said addressing the White House chiefs.

President Rouhani, meantime, pointed to the rising US unpopularity in the world, and said, 'I hope that these lessons will be informative for the White House in 2019 and will stop interference in the lives of the nations, especially the Palestinian people and the Holy Quds that relates to the Muslim world and all Muslims, and to act within the context of law and regulations by learning from the past.”

Rouhani stated that if the US had stopped intervention in the regional affairs would mean establishing a secure and stable area, adding, 'Our goal in this area is complete security and stability, and we want people to live in a democracy that they establish by their own hands.'


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