Jan 2, 2019, 4:10 PM
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US to ask for cost of deploying forces in Middle East: Expert

Moscow, Jan 2, IRNA- The head of the Center for Central Asia and Kazakhstan Studies at the Institute of Russia's Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) believes that the United States is still trying to ask the remaining cost of its troop deployment in the Middle East from the countries of the region.

Andrey Grozin told the Islamic Republic News Agency (IRNA) on Wednesday that there will be tension in a matter of months as a result of the blackmail.

He said that the US plans and policies in the Middle East have failed, hence the country has been forced to withdraw troops from the Middle East.
However, Grozin said White House will continue escalation of tension in the region in order to secure arms sales.

The Russian expert believes that the presence of US forces in the Middle East is the main cause of the problems in the region, because had the United States and its western allies not intervened in internal affairs of such countries as Syria, Libya, Iraq and Afghanistan, terrorist groups, including ISIL, would not have been created.

The Russian expert underlined that the great American capitalists and the country's military industry owners are benefiting from chaos in the Middle East.

Grozin said the United States, despite spending thousands of billion dollars of the US taxpayers pockets on the Middle East, failed to advance its policies.

He added that Trump government, facing severe budget deficits, was forced to launch a plan for military withdrawal from Syria, and it is likely that a significant portion of its troops would leave Afghanistan as well.


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