Jan 2, 2019, 12:48 AM
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Rouhani: Only way for Palestinians to achieve rights is fighting

Tehran, Jan 1, IRNA – President Hassan Rouhani said that all the Muslims should support the Palestinian nation in achieving their rights, returning to their homeland and establishing the State of Palestine with the Holy Quds as its capital.

In a meeting with Secretary General of Palestinian Islamic Jihad Movement Ziad al-Nakhala late on Tuesday, he added, “We have always been and will be supporter of the Palestinian nation since the victory of the Islamic Revolution, as the issue of Palestine was one of the major issues for the country.”

He hailed Palestinian nation’s 70-year resistance against tyranny and occupation of the Zionists, saying that their struggle should continue until the enemy will bow to the rights of the Palestinian people.

“No doubt that we will gain victory over the enemies in the economic war, as the nation has been standing united against plots,” he said.

Describing marches of return as indicating spirit of struggle and resistance against the occupying regime, he said that the US and Israel are seeking to instill the belief that resistance has no use and prepare the ground for the regional countries to recognize the Zionist regime despite its aggressions.

Rouhani also said that unity among the Palestinians will help them gain victory over the Zionist regime which will finally find out that triumph over Palestine is not achievable, as its youth are determined to withstand its occupying policies.

Ziad al-Nakhala, for his part, presented a report on the latest developments of the occupied Palestine and resistance movement’s capabilities.

He also said that undoubtedly, Iran’s supports and principled stances played a crucial role in defeating efforts to close the case of the Palestinian nation’s rights.

He reiterated that the Palestinian nation will never stop fighting and resistance until they achieve all their rights.


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