Nations of region preventing realization of 'Deal of Century': SNSC chief

Tehran, Dec 30, IRNA - The secretary of the Supreme National Security Council of Iran considered the implementation of the 'Deal of Century' as a major blow to Palestine, saying that the resistance groups and the region's awakened nations were preventing this ominous intention.

In his meeting with Secretary-General of Palestinian Islamic Jihad movement (PIJ) Ziad Al-Nakhaleh, Ali Shamkhani emphasized on continued support for the Palestinian resistance as one of the fundamental principles of the foreign policy of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

He stated, 'Since the formation of the Islamic Republic of Iran, we have always been with the oppressed Palestinian people and this path will go on based on religious and human beliefs until the complete victory of the resistance.'

The secretary of the Supreme National Security Council noted the support by some Arab countries for the US colonial plan of 'Deal of Century', adding, 'The significant crimes that are taking place against the Palestinian people are widespread with the massive propaganda of the Zionist media overshadowed by the brutality of the Takfiri groups which is a double oppression against the Palestinian cause.'

The Secretary-General of the Palestine Islamic Jihad Movement also announced that the Islamic Republic of Iran has been the true supporter of the Palestinian cause, giving a report on the election of the Islamic Jihad Movement.

Ziad Al-Nakhaleh stated, 'Resistance has enjoined higher capacity and capability against the aggressors compared to the past, resulting in the 'Marches of Return and the defeat of the recent Zionist invasion, with the announcement of early elections in the occupied territories.'


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