Dec 4, 2018, 12:46 PM
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US unable to cut Iran commerce with region, world: Iran President

Shahrood, Dec 4, IRNA – Iran will develop its relations with neighboring and Islamic countries and the world, said Iran President Hassan Rouhani in Shahrood, 410km east of Tehran, on Tuesday.

“The United States said it would stop Iran’s oil export and business relations, making Iran isolated, but it could not do it and it won’t be able to sever our relations with the peoples of the region,' said President Rouhani.

President Rouhani added, 'After a long 40-year clash with the US, we have reached a historic victory; Iranians will not let enemy smile.'

Referring to plots hatched by Washington against Iran during the past forty years, President Rouhani aid, 'US attempt to stage a coup in Iran was a failure. They tried to separate Khuzestan from Iran; they were after sanctioning and breaking Iran's power, but didn’t succeed.'

'We need to analyze why the US is so angry with Ian and Iranians.'

Saying that a powerful Iran is not tolerable for the Zionists and the US, he added, 'Iran has never bowed and will never bow to them.'

The president said, 'The US has threatened to deprive Iran of selling oil and stop it from having trade with the world.'

Saying that Iran will be triumphant in the clash with the US, he added, 'The US should know we will sell oil and it cannot stop Iran from doing that; if they, someday, intend to stop Iran's oil export, no oil will be exported from the Persian Gulf.'

Iran's relation with the neighboring counties and the ones in the region is better that ever; 'the US will not be able to separate Iran from the countries that have been its neighbors for centuries,' said President Rouhani.

He added that the US is trying to push Europe, China, India away from Iran and 'spread Iranophobia in the region.'

Referring to the recent defeats Iran imposed on the US, he said, 'The first one was the fact that no one supported the US in the clash with Iran, except for a small country and an ominous regime.'

'All countries condemned US sanctions on Iran; the US was defeated in the United Nations Security Council and the International Court of Justice (ICJ) in The Hague.'

Iranians should know that Iran has defeated the US four times in the past few months: in the UNSC, in The Hague, in ICJ, and in the Rome Court of Appeals, which signifies the victory of the Iranian lawyers, diplomats and people.

Refering to the issue of security, he said that the Iranian armed forces, Islamic Establishment and leadership have not brought security just for Iran. 'They have helped Iraq, Syria and Lebanon as well.'

'Iran is now trying to help Yemen succeed in political and military war against the Saudi invaders.'

President Rouhani arrived in Shahroud on Tuesday for a two-day visit.


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