Nov 28, 2018, 8:28 PM
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All of our work is within framework of JCPOA: Salehi

Tehran, Nov, IRNA- The head of the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran and Iran's nuclear negotiator for a nuclear deal said that all of Iran's works are within the framework of JCPOA.

'For that International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) has confirmed 13 times that Iran has fulfilled its obligations,' Ali Akbar Salehi said in an interview with Euronews TV network, adding, “We had nothing to do at the present against our obligations but if orders were to be issued that JCPOA were over and you were going to do your job, we could easily get back and this is not bluffing.'

He noted, “Of course, I would not like to see such a day as one who was in part of this process and I know the principle of JCPOA, which is in the direction of our national interests. In 2009 we wanted to buy 20 percent uranium, we wrote to the agency and they provided us the terms and conditions. I then went to Mohamed ElBaradei (former head of the International Atomic Energy Agency) and talked to him. El Baradei showed me the unofficial letter written by the Americans and the Russians.”

'They put many reservations in this letter that if you meet these conditions, we give you 20 percent,' Salehi added. 'After returning to Iran, I told former Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad that they placed conditions and did not give us 20 percent. We have to roll up our sleeves and produce 20 percent, or the Tehran reactor will stop and its production will face problems. He said, Go and do it. We started, too.”

Iran’s vice president underlined, “It was then said that Iran was bluffing and could not produce 20 percent. Iran can't build a 20 percent fuel plate. We did it in less than two years. As Westerners said, 'If we give it to you, it takes two and a half years for us to provide 20 percent of your needs. Our scientists were able to start a national project from zero. The Tehran reactor is operating at 20 percent. We 're not bluffing. Because if I play a bluff once, and then it won't work, I 'll have no more credit.”

He added, 'Iran has always tried to preserve its political independence as long as possible with any cost; it can always stand against the tyrant and help the oppressed. It’s part of our foreign policy that has already caused Iran’s legitimacy is realized before public opinion every day.

“Iran is a country that has become so clever that the dollar cannot play role to conquer hearts. They give us a few bucks and think they can find friends. The dollar ends one day, but our behavior is based on a political wisdom, based on preserving the national interests of the neighboring countries. For example, Lebanon, what presence do we have in Lebanon? What have we done in Lebanon? What was the position of Lebanon, if Hezbollah was not in Lebanon to protect the national interests and sovereignty of Lebanon? It would have been torn apart.


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