Nov 28, 2018, 6:59 PM
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Iranian Vice-President: Saudi Arabia performing Trump's orders

Tehran, Nov 28, IRNA- Iranian vice president says Iran can be a good complement to Europe, as Iran is the golden key of the Middle East region and a great power.

“Saudi Arabia, for instance, is not dependent on its own nature with all its economic power. It has nothing to do with itself. He is performing Trump's orders. He talks with Saudi Arabia in a contemptuous manner, and Saudi Arabia has to do so. Europe has realized that Iran itself has decided, and knows that for the future of the Middle East, if it doesn't interact with Iran, the Middle East will be in an uncertain situation. Iran can contribute. We are the operator of the Persian Gulf,' Ali akbar Salehi underlined in an interview with Euronews.

He stressed, 'Persian Gulf is a vital artery. We want Persian Gulf to always be safe and secure. We don't want the region's countries to collapse. I don’t know why and with what justification Saudi Arabia has made Iran as an enemy for itself. Do we have any aggressive idea about their soil? Are we looking for their oil? We have plenty of soil, and we have both oil and gas, and 80 million learned, quick and energetic people. We don't want anything from Arabia. Unfortunately, Saudi Arabia is in a position to that made life hard for itself and for both the region and for the rest. It is here that Iran can be important and play a constructive role in the region.'

Salehi answered the question “Do you believe bluffing in the world of international relations?” If anyone's bluffing, then he won't be able to do it, it's gone forever. There is a political wisdom in our country, especially in our international approach. It's not that we want to have an unwise international approach. If it were, our conditions would never be like this now.”

'We have never sought a nuclear bomb,' he said, referring to nuclear power and possible exit from Iran's nuclear deal and the continuation of nuclear activities. “It is a fatwa, it is a government fatwa. We have crossed the threshold of the nuclear industry infrastructure in all dimensions from the fuel cycle to the design of research reactors to build a variety of facilities associated with the nuclear industry. We 're a nuclear state. Of course, we are not a technologically advanced nuclear state, like Germany, America and Russia, but we have all the potentials in the nuclear industry.”, head of Atomic Energy Organization of Iran (AEOI) expressed.

Salehi stressed, “We accepted a series of restrictions voluntarily in JCPOA. We said, for a few years, we would not increase the amount of uranium produced from 300 kilos. We have accepted the limit for several years but we can take it. We can accumulate, for example, 300, 500, 600 kg, as much as we can produce. Our limits are of this kind and we can take it very easily.'

“For example, we accepted for a limited period not to enrich upper than 3.67 percent. We can raise it higher. When you can do the enriching principle to 3.67, you can be technically able to increase with small changes and increase to 5 % and 20 % and all you want to increase,' he affirmed.

Iranian vice president noted, “We can go back to our previous conditions, not just under the old conditions but in much higher conditions. Now the Supreme Leader issued a decree on June 4th that Iran provides the infrastructure to produce 190,000 Separative Work Units (SWU), which we provided. That is to say, if the senior political officials order to go around 190,000 SWUs of enrichment capacity, we will be prepared for that now, but that does not mean that we want to make it, but we have the potential.'


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