Nov 28, 2018, 6:48 PM
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Iran, Europe must cross Trump's pass: Iran’s vice president

Tehran, Nov 28, IRNA - Iran and Europe must cross US president Trump’s Pass, chief of Atomic Energy Organization of Iran (AEOI) said, referring to the good relationship between Iran and Europe.

In an interview with the Euronews television network and in response to what Tehran is doing against the pressure exerted by Saudi Arabia, the US and Israel? Ali Akbar Salehi said, “Iran's relationship with the European Union is a very good relationship, In connection with JCPOA, both parties do their best. The two sides are trying JCPOA to be maintained as a link between Iran and the European Union.”

'Certainly, if we can save JCPOA, this can be a way for spreading our interactions with the European Union on other dimensions such as economic, cultural and scientific. We are stuck in a gorge called Trump Pass. We must pass it. The pass for the European Union also exists. For example, the European Union is much dissatisfied with Trump's actions on the terms of the Paris agreement. For the first time Iran's legitimacy is clear to everyone in the fact that the American Administration cannot be trusted,' he underlined.

Salehi added, 'It is very clear now that not only our people in Iran, but other people in Europe and all corners of the world see a country like America that has a special economic, scientific, military power and … has turned a country that suffers from anxiety or political chaos. The US has taken a messy policy and has confused everyone. Everyone has to help the American Administration out of the predicament that it has made for itself because it's like a drunken man wandering around and makes a lot of trouble.”

In relation to the European efforts to change the American policy, the Iranian vice president said, 'The Europeans must help before anything in order to take out American Administration from this political turmoil. Iran is always on the international side considers consciousness and intelligence, of course, the resistance and endurance simultaneously and makes decisions based on national interests and national sovereignty. We don't deny the difficulties, but NO Pay No Gain. They don't give you anything free. You have to decide if you want to preserve political independence. Iran’s history is three thousand years. We have been a revolution for about 40 years. Forty years in the face of three thousand years is like a day in human life.”

Salehi responded to whether Iran would agree with Europe as part of the story over ballistic missiles or regional activities?, 'The problem between us and the Western world, including the European Union, is that we lost mutual trust in the past years,' he affirmed. “That is, the mutual confidence that must exist was unfortunately lost. Now, we are trying to rebuild this confidence. Building will always be more difficult than destruction.”

He noted, “The JCPOA is a good example of paving the way for interaction between Iran and the European Union. If we can save JCPOA and create context of engagement, in this context of engagement, we have many things, demands and questions from Europe and then we have to talk about the differences that we have, for instance, human rights.”


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