Nov 28, 2018, 6:13 PM
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Iran can easily get back to before JCPOA position: AEOI chief

Tehran, Nov 28, IRNA- Ali Akbar Salehi, head of Atomic Energy Organization of Iran(AEOI) said that if an order is being issued that the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) to be concluded, it can be easily returned to the previous conditions and even beyond.

'The challenge that exists between Iran and the West is a complicated challenge,' Salehi told Euronews channel in Brussels, referring to the economic pressures and the European partnership in this direction with the Iranian government and nation.

'After the Islamic revolution, the challenge has begun. The truth, however, is that Iran is a very important country. After the revolution, Iran withdrew from the American political orbit or rather say that it had withdrawn from the political orbit of the Western world, decided to take part in its political orbit and act as an independent political state.”

Head of Atomic Energy Organization of Iran noted, “It was too expensive for the West to lose such a country.

He went on to say that a country which is important in all respect and in the political orbit of the west, has now become an independent country that decides by own.

'If any other country wants to reach such a situation, it will certainly have to pay a heavy price. The cost of independence is not a simple cost. Not a bit of expense. Iran is the emerging power of the region, they say. We had war, sanctions and restrictions on many of the first. We have a emerging power of the region, despite all pressures,' he added.

Salehi, pointing to some Arab countries, said, 'We are not like other countries in the Middle East that a tribe wants to run a country. It is the state formed by the nation and vie the elections. Economic pressures are disturbing. For instance, my salary was up to $3,000 in month a year ago as a university professor, now $700 in a month. It's really economic pressure. Look how hard the other classes are under pressure. We will take all that. In the meantime, our nation is alert and intelligent and aware that what happens is mainly caused by external pressures.

He pointed out some internal mistakes, 'Of course, we are as officials may have faults linked to the pressures that exist. But it's mostly from external pressures. For the same reason, during the 40 years, the nation has endured eight years of imposed war and has endured all the sanctions. That's going on too. Nothing is eternal, and we are convinced that we pass through this crisis. We are living in different ways, but there's pressure. But the people will understand this pressure, and they will understand it is superficial.”


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