Naval Force should increase aptitudes so that enemies  fear attacking Iran

Tehran, Nov 28, IRNA- Supreme commander-in-chief of the entire army of Iran in a meeting with commanders and officers of Naval Force with emphasis on the necessity of double labor and increasing preparations noted they must increase their capabilities and preparations so that the enemies of Iran have not even dare to threaten the great nation of Iran.

Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution of Iran Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei in a meeting with commanders and officials of the Navy of the Islamic Republic of Iran on Wednesday noted that relying on young, faithful and motivated manpower is key to solving problems in all parts of the country, including armed forces.

The commander-in-chief in the meeting, which was held on November 28 on the occasion of “Naval Force Day”, pointed to the formation of a broad front of enemies and rivals against the Islamic Republic, saying, “The existence of this reality stands by the necessity of compensation of retardations, indicates the necessity of extraordinary and double work in all parts of the system, including in the Navy.”

Ayatollah Khamenei called the developments of the army, and especially the navy from the beginning of the Islamic revolution, as great and surprising success, adding, “The current generation of the Navy has deeply believed in their own initiative and capabilities, and the realization of phenomena such as the joining of Sahand destroyer and Fateh and Ghadir submarines to the naval fleet is the harbinger of possibility of increasing progress.”

The Supreme Leader underlined, “Intensification of Armed Forces' readiness is a factor in deterring, terrifying the enemies. Iran has no intention of launching a war against anyone; but, we should increase our aptitudes so that enemies will fear attacking Iran and threats against Iranian nation will perish.”

Before the commander-in-chief speech, Commander of Iranian Navy Rear Admiral Khanzadi in a report referred to the preparations for Sahand destroyer, the overhall of Damavand destroyer and the construction of Fateh Submarine, and said, 'The Navy Force is trying to represent the authority of the Iranian nation on the sea and to speed up the downward trend of arrogance on the sea vie inspiring free nation of the world.”


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